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How to Share Content
How to Share Content
This article will show you all the different ways you can share Content with your Contacts and social platforms.
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Sharing Content helps maximize your time and improve your workflow. Instead of writing out the same scripting over and over, create Custom Content instead! ⏰

How to Share Content with a Contact in PULSE by Penny

1 - Select "Content" to open the content section

2 - Select a category or search for the Content piece you'd like to send, hover over it, and click "Send".

3 - A search bar will appear. Type the Contact name that you'd like to share the Content with.

4 - A message preview will populate with the script, the Content link, and any other information you associated with the Content. Here, you can edit the script and personalize it.

5 - Select Share and your method of contact.

6 - Click send. That's it! 🎉

⚠️ If you choose to share it using Messenger or Instagram, PULSE by Penny will open your social network. Paste the Content on there as it will automatically be copied into your clipboard.

🔥 Hot Tip🔥 Whenever you send out Content with a link, the activity saves to the Contact's profile card. This activity task even shows you whether your Contact viewed the link or not!

See the image below for how you can see how many times Content has been viewed.

How to Share Content on Your Social Platform

1 - Select "Content" to open the content section.

2 - Select a category or search for the Content piece you'd like to share.

3 - Select the content and "Share".

3 - Select any of the social networks listed.

4 - PULSE by Penny will open your social network, now just paste the content and that's it 🎉

🔥 Hot Tip🔥 You have the ability to track the number of shares and clicks for each piece of Content. Simply select the content, select "View" and then "Shared on"!

🔥 Hot Tip🔥 When you share a video, .pdf, and/or image that is uploaded by your company, it will display the order button along with a link to more information!

Click here to learn more about categories and contents👇

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