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How to create a Task
How to create a Task

This article shows you how to create a new task for a contact in PULSE by Penny.

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Have you completed your assigned daily tasks and are ready to include additional ones in your workflow?

As your virtual assistant, PULSE by Penny takes care of a lot of the groundwork, like generating various tasks such as Reach outs and Follow ups. If you're interested in expanding your Daily task list, you can visit this link to learn more.

However, sometimes you want to go off-book and do your own thing or even record tasks you've done in the past. Here, we will show you how to do that!

Create a new task from a contact profile

1 - Open the PULSE by Penny app on your mobile phone.

2 - Select "More" in the bottom menu and then "Contacts" 📱 OR select the Contacts menu option on the left-hand side if you are on the web version. 💻

3 - Type the name of your contact in the search box.

4 - Select the name from the results to see their profile card.

5 - Select "Activity" on the profile card.

6 - Select "+ Task"

7 - PULSE by Penny will ask you the following: "When would you like to schedule this task?"

Select one from the options or pick a date.

Hot Tip: You can also select a date for a previously completed task.

8 - Select "Add task."

9 - Add notes or Tags. (Optional but important.) To learn more about tags, click here.

Hot Tip: You can add Notes or Tags to the task itself as a reminder of what to mention during your next chat.

10 - Select Next.
11 - Select Activity to view the task you created.

Create a new task from the add section

1 - Open PULSE by Penny on your mobile phone 📱 OR log in to the PULSE by Penny Web Version 💻

2 - From the mobile app, select the "Add" menu option on the bottom left-hand side OR select Prospecting on the left-hand side of the web version.

3 - Select "Add a Task."

4 - PULSE by Penny will ask "Who is this task for?". Select a contact or type their name in the search box.

5 - Choose from the options or Pick a Date.

6 - Select "Add a Task."

7 - Add Notes and Tags; remember this is important but optional.
8 - Select "Save." Now, you should be able to see the task directly on their profile card under the Activity tab.

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