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How to Increase Your Daily tasks
How to Increase Your Daily tasks
This article will show you how to increase your Daily limit when you want to do more than the tasks that has created for you today.
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PULSE by Penny doesn't want to overwhelm you, so you will only have a certain number of tasks on your "Daily" dashboard. However, if you're up to the challenge, you can adjust those Daily tasks! 🚀

How to Increase the Daily Tasks on the Mobile App

  • Select Daily on your mobile app 📱

  • On the top left side of the page, you are able to click Easy, Medium, or Maximum depending on how you feel.

  • Once clicked on the default, you are able to make the desired changes as below:

EASY: Every day, PULSE by Penny organizes a list of tasks for you to complete and help grow your business. PULSE by Penny creates up to 3 Connects, Check-Ins, and Follow ups for you, as well as up to 2 Reconnects and 5 new Reachouts for you each day.

MEDIUM: Feel like doing more than the average day, but not getting overwhelmed? Medium is a good middle ground. PULSE by Penny will add up to 8 Connects, Check-Ins, and Follow ups for you, as well as up to 5 Reconnects and 12 new Reachouts.

MAXIMUM: Pick this setting to go FULL SPEED AHEAD and add ALL of your incomplete tasks. PULSE by Penny will, however, limit you to 25 Reachouts. 😉

How to Increase the Daily Tasks on the Web Version

If you wish to do so on the web version 💻 please follow the below steps:

Select Daily and choose one of the three options based on how you feel and how much effort you would like to put in.

Like this: 👇

You are probably asking yourself how to add more tasks to your workflow; if that's the case and you want to learn more about it, please click here 👇 and we will tell you! ✨

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