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PULSE by Penny Glossary
PULSE by Penny Glossary

Welcome to PULSE by Penny! Not sure about all the terminology? This article will help get you started

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You're ready to start growing your business and you want to make the most out of your new personal assistant PULSE by Penny, you're in the right place. Let's go over some key terms so you can get down to business 🤩

The "Daily" or Daily Summary

When you first log in, you will be greeted with your Daily Summary. These are all of the time-sensitive tasks PULSE by Penny recommends you complete for the day. ✅

Profile Card

Accessed through selecting a Contact, this has all your contact's information, activity, and order history along with tags and notes

Profile Type

These are the categories that you identify your contact within. They could be a "customer", "prospect", "not interested" etc. profile type. Click this article here 👈 for more on how to categorize your contacts.

Profile Status/Ranking

These are the rankings that you score all your prospects within after you complete a reachout task. This helps you read the "hotness" of a prospect becoming a customer or part of your downline. Click this article here 👈 for more on how to rank your prospects.


This is what a personal assistant is all about! PULSE by Penny creates tasks for you to complete each day so that you don't have to write lists or build spreadsheets. Once you have completed the tasks PULSE by Penny has assigned for you, a note will be made on your contact's Profile Card. PULSE by Penny creates tasks based on a manageable amount of work to achieve. This way you always know the most important work is getting done first.

Types of Tasks

  • A "Reachout" is the very first task created to engage NEW prospects

  • A "Follow- up" is all the touch-points after your initial reachout. PULSE by Penny creates these automatically or you can create them manually.

Click here to view the different types of Customer Care tasks

Task Pad

Here's a visual of the task pad where you take action on the task. Every single task is the same - they are all about communicating with your contact.


Tags are used to help filter and group your contacts. PULSE by Penny automatically adds product tags to profiles based on their orders if your back office syncs with PULSE by Penny. You can create custom tags to help group your contacts. Check out our help article for more info! 👇


A Prospect is a contact who is not yet a customer. Prospecting is key to growing your business and with PULSE by Penny, you can get prospecting done automatically each day! PULSE by Penny's AI can even identify Recommended Prospects (contacts who are more likely to react positively) once you turn on the "Fill your Funnel" feature. 😉

A few more industry terms:

PE Associate, Consultant, Affiliate - People you have personally enrolled in your business

Downline, Direct Affiliate- People in your organization who have been sponsored by those you’ve personally enrolled or by those they’ve personally enrolled. Sometimes referred to as “Levels 2, 3, 4, etc.”

Upline - Your sponsors

Another line - Business partners not part of your direct line

Maybe later - A contact that you might want to reachout to at a later date

Another person's customer- a customer sponsored by another consultant or associate

Not interested- Contacts that are not currently interested. *This profile type will move them out of the Daily.

Inactive - When a customer cancels, it comes to PULSE by Penny as an 'inactive' contact and will remain in your account. If an Inactive customer comes back to the program, your back office creates a new account rather than editing the old one. This way, you will see a NEW contact profile imported from your back office.

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