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How to Use Your R+F Solution Tool in PULSE by Penny
How to Use Your R+F Solution Tool in PULSE by Penny

How to view and use the R+F Solution Tool for prospecting in PULSE by Penny.

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How does it work?

All your contacts generated from the Solution Tool will come directly into your PULSE by Penny account as prospects and will also be listed under the Solution Tool Report.

Once any new contact has completed their Solution Tool quiz, a task will pop up in your Daily under "R+F Solution Tool".

How to view and communicate with any prospects that recently completed the Solution Tool

1 - Select "Prospecting"

2 - Select the "Solution Tool" menu option

3 - Select the contact you wish to follow up with

4 - Select "Activity" and then the arrow beside "Solution tool results"

5 - Now you can view their results and suggest the products inside as you complete your reachout task.

Hot Tip: These tasks expire after 14 days so they don't clog up your task schedule. Ensure you complete them within 2 weeks. Like any other Customer Care task, you will get an expiration warning flag on the task card.

How to find all your Solution Tool contact surveys

1 - Go to the "Reporting" section

2 - Click on "Solution Tool" under the Personal Reports

3 - All your existing contacts who have completed to tool will generate so you can view them. You'll be able to view the recommended products when it was completed, their primary concern and so much more!

Hot tip: The Solution Tool completion displays dates in UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) in the Solution Tool Report.

How to share your solution tool with a contact

1 - Go to the "Content" Section

2 - Your Solution Tool will be the first Corporate Content that should show up

3 - Select Send

4 - Type the name of your contact with whom you would like to share the quiz with

5 - Select the name

6 - Select one of the contact options available such as Messenger, Email, SMS or select Copy to get the link to share.

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