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When, and WHY, PULSE by Penny creates Autoship Reminder, Check In, Connect & Reconnect 120 tasks

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Your customers will never slip through the cracks with PULSE by Penny's customized Customer Care Cycle.

The Customer Care Cycle is the lifecycle of a healthy customer. It includes steps in the order process as well as the touchpoints you provide along the way to keep your customers engaged with you and your products.

The cycle is designed to ensure you speak with your customers at the right time, about the right topic. If you do miss a touchpoint, that's okay! You can trust PULSE by Penny will create the next task at the perfect time.

Our collective goal: make unhappy customers a thing of the past!

Your cycle starts the day an order is placed.


  • A "Check-In" is created 6 days after the order was placed.

  • On the 6th day if you haven't completed the task she will add a little Red Triangle to your contacts profile image, letting you know it's going to "Expire Tomorrow".

  • To keep things moving, if you do not complete a Check-In within 7 days, PULSE by Penny will remove it from your list, but don't panic! PULSE by Penny will create another task as part of the order process for you, this just means it won't go overdue because nobody likes that.


  • A "Connect" is created 21 days after the order was placed.

  • Like a Check-In, you'll have 7 days to complete it before PULSE by Penny removes it from your list.


  • An Autoship Reminder is a notification about a scheduled order.

  • It appears on PULSE by Penny 20 days before the order date and on the Daily 12 days before.

  • If you don't complete the reminder, it stays on your Daily until the order date.

  • A completed reminder stays on your Daily but is faded until the order date.


  • If you delay an order, the Autoship Reminder updates to the new date automatically if it is done 20 days before the original date.

  • If an Autoship Reminder was already created, and the order is delayed, please manually reschedule the task to reflect the new order date.


  • A "Reconnect 120" is created when a customer has not ordered in 4 months.

  • The first time you log in you may see an increased number of Reconnect 120 tasks. This is normal when you first sign up but over time the goal is to keep the Reconnect 120 list as short as possible.


  • This task will be assigned to you when one of your customers credit cards fail.

  • This provides an opportunity to reach out to them to correct the information so their order can still ship on time.


  • This task will be assigned to you when a customer returns their product

  • This task provides an opportunity for you to reach out to them for assistance. What did they not like about the product? Is there something else you can recommend that will suit them better?


  • This task will be assigned to you when a regular Autoship date changes

  • This task gives you the opportunity to follow up with your customer and see if they need their dates changed or require assistance.


  • This is a task assigned to you when a retail customer enrolls for PC perks.

  • If you don't see a customer's name in your orders list but you want to know where they are in the Care Cycle, simply search for their name in the search bar.

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