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How to Complete Tasks
How to Complete Tasks

Tasks help remind you to get in touch with your contacts. This article will show you how to complete one from beginning to end.

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This is the right resource for you if you want to learn how to complete tasks and be on top of building your business. ✅

How to complete a task

1 - Select a task from your "Daily", "Customer Care" or "Prospecting".

2 - Select the button located under "Contact" at the bottom of the task card.

3 - Select the method by which you would like to contact them—for example, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Email, etc.

4 - Once you have sent a message to your contact, the task will be marked as "Pending" status until you get a reply from the contact and mark it as "Complete."

5 - It is important but optional to add Notes and Tags, you can add them to the Contact's Profile or the task itself.

6 - Select “Complete” the task and that's it! 🎉

Please note: It's possible to mark the task as 'Complete' even if your contact hasn't replied yet. The 'Pending' status is solely for your information, indicating that you've already contacted that individual and are currently awaiting their response.

Completing Reachout Tasks

  • When you complete a Reachout task for a Prospect, Penny will ask you "How did your reach out with (contact's name) go?" and you can choose any category that suits your Prospect the best.

  • Penny will also ask you to schedule a "Follow up" task and you can customize the date. This will ensure you maintain communication with your Prospect until they become your Customer or Downline.

Want to learn more about adding notes to your tasks or contacts? Click below.

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