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Managing Your Profile Recognition Settings
Managing Your Profile Recognition Settings

This article will show you how to update your profile image, update your recognition and reward settings!

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What is Recognition Profile?

Hard work demands to be recognized and rewarded! The Recognition Profile is created so that you as a user have the opportunity to customize your preferences on how you would like to be publicly recognized and the rewards you would like to receive.

Where to start?

To manage your profile recognition settings:

1 - Login to your PULSE by Penny account

2 - Go to your Profile

  • On the mobile app, select More then Profile Settings

  • On the web version, click on your Profile Icon located in the top right corner

3 - Want to upload or edit your profile picture? Select the Pencil Icon next to your profile image!

Please note: Once a profile picture is uploaded you cannot remove it however, you can replace it with a new picture!

4 - Toggle on “Opt in to recognition” to be recognized publicly and select “Save” after you select your public sharing settings

How it looks on the web

Hot Tip: The Public recognition name is set by default and a mandatory field to be completed to receive public recognition. Other preferences are optional. You can select any name (can be your nickname) that you want to be shared publicly for recognition and it will be only reflected in this recognition profile and will not populate anywhere else in the application. You can opt out of public recognition or edit recognition preferences anytime.

5 - You can update your reward preferences by selecting gender and language options from the drop-down menu.

How it looks on the web

Hot Tip: It's best to set your rewards preferences ahead of time to avoid delays on receiving your rewards!

Looking to update your notification settings?

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