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What are Team Reports?
What are Team Reports?
This article will give you a brief description of the team reports and how they can be read.
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Reports are for you to see quick overviews of all your Personal, Team, Order, and Program information with customizable metrics and columns, in this article we will talk specifically about Team Reports.

To see the Team Reports please go to your account under the Reporting section.

Vital Signs:

This report will help you get a comprehensive view of your entire team. View their performance metrics, Grace, CRP and PULSE Pro subscription status and more. Apply filters and sort to view specific details about your downline. Please note: the PC/C new and total columns only reflect active Total PCs and Cs.


Identify team members who have reached a new Recognition Title for the very first time. Search for a specific time frame using this format: YYYY/MM to view Consultants that have achieved a new title in that period.

Consultant Attrition:
In this report, you can view Consultants, down to your Level 10 (L10), who have left the R+F business in the past 365 days.

Team Contact Information:
View contact information, including phone number and mailing address, for your downline (up to your L10).

Team Advancement Report:
The results in this report show your team members who have advanced to EC title (SV= 100 PSQV= 600).

Expected Advancement Report:
The results in this report show your team members who are making progress towards advancing to EC (they have at least 600 PSQV but still need 100 SV).

Team May Not Advance:
The results in this report show your team members who may not advance to EC this period (they do not have enough SV or PSQV).

New Consultants:
This report will show you the new consultants per month.

Hot Tip: You can export the reports to a spreadsheet

Hot Tip: Are you looking for your Enrollment tree? The Enrollment tree is located in the Team Care section. It will provide you visibility to quickly see who among your directs reached EC, and who are getting close!

Click here to learn how you can filter reports!

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