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What is Team Care?
What is Team Care?

This article will give a breakdown of the Team Care feature and how to use it.

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Organizing a team is an integral part of building a successful business. With PULSE by Penny, You can manage your team consistently as PULSE by Penny allows you to view your Placement Tree and manage your team more in a matter of a few clicks. This is just another way that PULSE by Penny helps you manage your business better.

What are some features of Team Care?

Placement Tree

The Placement Tree is a visualization of your team structure, showing:

  • All personally enrolled team members

  • Lineage under each team member

  • Contact card details with a single click

  • Qualification Title, SV, GV

  • EC leg and LV EC Leg status

  • The legend with qualification icons will be updated after the 20th of the month

Team Library

Leaders can curate and share content with their teams.

  • Create and customize team content

  • Share content automatically with personally enrolled Level 1 team members

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