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What are Orders Reports?
What are Orders Reports?
This article will give you a brief description of the orders reports and how they can be read.
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Reports are for you to see quick overviews of all your Personal, Team, Order, and Program information with customizable metrics and columns, in this article we will talk specifically about Orders Reports.

To see the Orders Reports please go to your account under the Reporting section, we have eight different orders reports!

Consultant Autoships:
Identify team members down to your Level 3 (L3) that are subscribed to PULSE Pro and/or CRP.

Level 1 Orders:
This report is used to identify Customers and Consultants on your Level 1 that have made product purchases. Use this info to engage with them!

PC Autoships:
Use the PC Autoships report (or your Level 1 Orders report) to analyze your customer orders, failed authorizations, etc.
Identify opportunities for month-end orders and contact those customers.

Hot Tip: Remember to add notes or tags to each contact you reach out to.

PC Autoships L1- L3:
Track the status, volumes and ship date of your PCs' PC Perks subscription orders, for your level 1 - level 3 team members. Use this information to drive conversations throughout the month.

Track where your PSQV is coming from each month, whether it's from your Consultants or your PCs. This report may also include orders from Consultants that you personally sponsored but are no longer a part of your organization. These Consultants and PCs will not appear in any other report.

Sponsored Retail Orders:

Review retail orders from your personally sponsored Consultants that contribute to your PSQV.

Personal Orders:
Review orders you have placed for yourself that contribute to your sales volume (SV).

Non-Sponsored Retails Orders:
Review retail orders from non-sponsored customers that contribute to your sales volume (SV).

Teach Tip: PULSE by Penny is a rich data application. To minimize loading times:

1. Have strong WI-FI when seeking to review and analyze your stats.
2. Have the latest operating system updated on your devices so that it runs effectively.
3. Don't run multiple heady data-driven apps at once (it may cause delays).
4. Don't uninstall and re-install your app when a new version is available - instead, click 'update' app or have auto-updates turned on in your device.

Click here to learn how you can scroll, filter and even export reports!

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