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The Ins and Outs of My Business Page
The Ins and Outs of My Business Page
How to explore the My Business Dashboard for a quick glance into your most important statistics!
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What is the My Business Page?

My Business is the main page that you see when you enter your PULSE by Penny account. Here you will find an overview of your business. This includes your Personal performance, team performance and order information for your Level 1 orders, consultant and PC autoships.

Here is where to find this page on your mobile device

How to Use the Filtering Capabilities in the My Business Page

In this section, you can toggle between Personal, Team, and Orders for a quick view!

Hot Tip: On the web version, it can also seamlessly lead you to the reports and team care dashboards for more in-depth information.


The Personal Page shows your SV and PSQV information, Title Achievement, Subscriptions, Grace Balance, CID, days left in the commission period, and a performance graph.

The performance graph allows you to toggle through to see trends in PSQV, SV, L1+L2, and L1-L6 for the last 12 months, 6 months, or year to date.

You can hover over the points on the graph to show your stats. This allows for comparison of the values by toggling between the different graphs in the same time period!


In this section, you can see who has advanced to EC this month, how many of your team members are progressing, and how many may not advance.

The performance graph here allows you to toggle through to see trends in total PSQV, SV, L1+L2, and L1-L6 volumes for the last 12 months, 6 months, or year to date for your team. Below this section, you can view the total qualified teams, as well as consultant attrition and a spreadsheet of your personal team's current performance at the bottom.

To Navigate to Other Dashboards from here:

  • The Total Qualified Teams pie chart allows you to easily access the Vital Signs Report by clicking on "View all" on the top right side of the screen.

  • From the Consultant Attrition graph, you can toggle to the "Team Care" dashboard to easily check out your team's stats!

  • The personal team's current performance spreadsheet at the bottom of the profile allows you to easily check out how your team is doing. You can toggle into the advancement report from the "Advancement" Button.


This section gives an overview of Level 1 orders, Consultant Autoships, and PC Autoships! These spreadsheets are sorted by Name, QV, Order Date, Order Type, Status, Enrollment Date, and Country. You can get a more in-depth look by clicking the "View All" button at the top right side of each spreadsheet. This will take you into the Reports section, enabling you to add filters, hide columns, and export your reports!

Hot Tip: You can toggle into a contacts profile just by clicking on their name in this section. It will bring you directly to their order details!

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