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Where Do I Find My Retail Customers' Orders?
Where Do I Find My Retail Customers' Orders?
Keep track of your customers who aren't PC's in your Rodan and Fields business
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Below is an article that will guide you on how to find your Retail Customers’ orders in PULSE by Penny.

PULSE by Penny allows you to keep track of your Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Retail Orders in the Reporting Section.

What is the difference between Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Retail Orders?

  • When you receive a retail order on your PWS (Personal Website) it will be a Non-Sponsored Retail Order.

  • When your personally enrolled consultant receives a retail order on their PWS it will be Sponsored Retail Orders.

How to find my Retail Orders:

  1. Go to the Reporting Section

    • On the mobile app, select More then Reporting

    • On the web version, select Reporting

  2. Select Sponsored Retail Orders or Non-Sponsored Retails Orders Report under the Orders section

  3. Select the View Order Hyperlink to view the following details:

    • Sponsored Retail Orders

      • Order number

      • Order Date

      • QV

      • Items

    • Non-Sponsored Retail Orders

      • Order number

      • Order date

      • QV

      • Items

      • Shipping Information

      • Billing Information

      • Contact Information

  4. The order number can be copied so you can track the order

Hot Tip: You can add tasks to your retail customer’s profile when they order to act as your customer’s past order history. You can also create a custom list to see all your Retail Customers.

Manually add orders using the "tasks" feature

It would be helpful to your workflow to manually add tasks to the retail customers' profiles when they order. Why? You can make these tasks act as your customer's past order history. Here's how:

1 - Opening the Contacts page

2 - Search the name of the contact in the top right search bar

3- Once the profile card is open, click on "Activity"

4 - Click the "Task" icon.

5 - From there, you can add a task for that same day or a past-date by clicking the box labeled "Previously Completed".

6 - Choose a date using the calendar picker (you can backdate pretty far)

7 - Click "Add Task".

8 - In the "notes" section, you can notate their order details and whatever other relevant details you choose.

Hot Tip And the best part is, whether you work from the Daily, your Prospecting page, or add a task manually, each task you complete will count towards your Daily completes.

Create a Custom List to see all your retail customers

1 - Tag all your retail customers under a custom tag, such as " Retail Customer"

2 - Select More, then "Custom Lists" and create a campaign

3 - Under "tags" input your retail customers' tag. Now, you should see all your retail customers generate in the "People included" section

Don't have your retail customer on PULSE by Penny? You may have to manually add them to PULSE by Penny before you get to tracking them. Here's how

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