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How to use the Programs Dashboard?
How to use the Programs Dashboard?

This article will show you all the features and benefits of PULSE by Penny's Programs Dashboard.

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Want to know which programs are actively running and available for you? The Programs Dashboard is where you want to be.

What is the Programs Dashboard?

The program's dashboard is the place to view any R+F incentive programs that you are eligible for and view your progress! Participating in a program is a great way to get some extra motivation and earn some BIG incentives!

How to Navigate the Programs Dashboard?

On the mobile app, select More and then Programs. On the web version, open the Programs Dashboard by selecting the trophy icon on the left side toolbar. From there, select between eligible, completed, or all programs.

Eligible Programs: Represents all the programs which you're currently qualified for.

Completed Programs: View all of the programs which you have completed.

Hot Tip: Clicking on a program title will open the specific program page and display your achievement

All programs: View all of the programs that Rodan and Fields have to offer even if you are not qualified for the program.

Hover over the program to view your Program Progress, Program Details, Program Reports, and Program Achievers:

Program Progress (Milestone Reward Selection)

  • Select the month and view your program-to-date progress, find the points breakdown and which milestones you've hit! In this section, you can also select your Milestone Reward.

    • Note: If you did not select a specific reward, the default option will be set to “R+F's choice” for LTW 1-5. If you meet the required milestone for a reward, R+F will decide which reward to send to you if your LTW reward is set to R+F’s choice.

Program Details

  • This section will give you an overview of the program, Qualification period, Eligible Markets, How to earn, and Program Rewards.

Program Reports

  • This will show you a chart with the program's progress with customizable metrics and columns. Click here to learn more about reports!

Program Achievers

  • The one-stop shop for checking out program achievers. You can easily be able to see all your consultants who have achieved different programs through PULSE by Penny

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