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What are "Inactive" Customers?
What are "Inactive" Customers?

When a customer cancels, it marks the contact as inactive. This article shows you how to find those contacts in your account.

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What are "Inactive" Customers?

When a customer cancels in your back office, it will come to PULSE by Penny as an 'inactive' contact and will remain in your account.

Where can I find my "Inactive" Customers?

To display all of the inactive accounts, go to Contacts then click the Inactive filter tag.
Individual inactive contacts also remain searchable via the top right search bar on your Contacts page.

What happens when an "Inactive" customer returns?

If a canceled customer returns, due to the way your back office handles accounts (creates a new account rather than editing the old one), you will see a NEW contact profile imported for that customer into PULSE by Penny.

⚠️ NOTE: At this time, you cannot merge 'active' and 'inactive' profiles.

Not to worry! The old, inactive account for that Customer will show a noticeable red notification bar with "Inactive Account" so you know you are adding new notes and tasks to the correct customer.

Hot Tip: You can permanently delete a contact you no longer wish to have in your PULSE by Penny contacts list.

Here's the guide on how to delete a contact. That being said, sometimes it is helpful to refer back to old orders and notes that live on that profile and you may not want to delete that contact permanently! You could also categorize them as "not interested" or "maybe later".

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