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How to Change the Default Email on a Computer
How to Change the Default Email on a Computer

Trying to email contacts and the "from" field is not displaying your preferred email? Sounds like you need to change the default email.

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Is the wrong email platform opening when you send a message from PULSE by Penny? Updating to the correct email consists of a few steps - we will show you how easy it is!

What is a default email account?

Your Default Email Account is used to send all outgoing messages. When you choose a Default Account, it will be listed in the 'From' field of all new and outgoing messages, and any replies to your message will be sent to this address.

Because PULSE by Penny connects to the email service set as the default on your mobile and/or desktop, this is the service that will come up when you click the email icon in your account.

To update the address, you must change the settings on your computer- not to worry, it is a quick change!

The steps below are for your PC desktop or laptop:

1 - Navigate to your device start window and go to your settings

2 - Go to default apps

3 - Select Email

4 - Choose the email app you want to use

5 - Follow the prompts to complete the default email setup

6 - Start emailing from PULSE by Penny!

The steps below are for a Mac:

1 - Open up Mail on your Mac

2 - If you haven't already set up an email account in Mail, you may see a prompt to add one when you open the app. If not, or you do not want to add another account, continue to follow the steps on your screen

3 - From the menu bar in Mail, choose Mail and then Add Account

4 - Select the email provider from the like then click continue and follow the prompts to complete the default email setup

Hot Tip: Google Chrome is for a Gmail account and Outlook is for emails ending with @live @msm @passport

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