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How to Install Google Chrome
How to Install Google Chrome

A simple guide to install the Google Chrome web browser on your computer.

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Why install Google Chrome?

While there may be several options when it comes to web browsers, PULSE by Penny is optimized for Google’s Chrome browser. Not only is it the most popular browser out there, but it runs faster! This is definitely ideal when you are busy at work.

Continue reading to see how you can get set up on the Google Chrome browser.

How to install the Google Chrome Browser

1 - If you do not have Chrome on your computer, simply go to and enter this as your search: “Install Google Chrome on my computer”.

It is best to Google the instructions as they will vary depending on your computer.

2 - You will see several search results with instructions. Our advice would be to find the one (near the top) that has in the URL.

Note: Google will always provide the most up-to-date instructions for Macs and PC’s.

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