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What are Programs Reports?
What are Programs Reports?
This article will give you a short description of the program's reports and how they can be read.
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Reports are for you to see quick overviews of all your Personal, Team, Order, and Program information with customizable metrics and columns, in this article we will talk specifically about Programs Reports.

To see the Programs Reports please go to your account under the Reporting section, we have two different programs reports!

Lead the Way Report
The results in this report will help you with the following:
Sort or filter your Lead the Way report to see those who are close to achieving their next Mile and support them to reach that required QV.
Identify new Consultants who have yet to hit 300 SV to earn miles.
Don't leave Miles on the table! Customer QV totals are reset each month.

Fast Start Report
This report will give you a greater understanding of:
View your Fast Start report to see who is close to reaching the PSQV needed for their next Fast Start bonus.

New Consultants should focus on reach-outs to earn the next PSQV bonus.
For Sponsors of new Consultants, keep offering your support!

Hot Tip: You can export your reports to a spreadsheet by clicking the 'Export Report' button located in the top right corner.

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