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What is the Fast Start Success Plan and How to Use it?
What is the Fast Start Success Plan and How to Use it?

This article will show you where to find training and tools to launch a successful business!

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As a new consultant, you will be enrolled in our Fast Start Success Plan. There will be 15 onboarding tasks assigned on specific days for you to complete, to ensure you are set for success!

How does it work?

1 - Select "Daily".

2 - Ensure you are on your "Fast Start Success Plan" tab.

3 - Select today's scheduled task.

4 - A new information task pad will open on your right with training instructions.

5 - Watch the video and read the resource if applicable.

6 - The "complete" button will activate once you opened the file. Select complete.

You completed your training and your task will receive a green check mark and move to the bottom of the list of tasks.

Like this

Hot Tip: We all get busy sometimes. If you do not complete a task the day it is posted, it will show with a yellow triangle and you can still complete it in the future. Just ensure you complete them in order, you can go back and review the completed tasks at any time.

How to set your BLE Date on Day 2

1. Select the task name "Set your Business Launch Event (BLE) Date"

2. A new task pad will open to the right, select "Set BLE Date"

3. Select a date. It is recommended that you set your business launch event within 14 days of enrolling as a consultant.

4. Once you've selected a date, a countdown will prompt a progress tracker to count down the days until your business launch event

How can I see my progression?

On the far right of the Fast Start Success Plan, you can see your progress. Every time you complete a task your progress tracker will automatically update. All the tasks that need to be completed are represented by icons in the tracker.

The progress tracker will show check marks on completed tasks and empty circles for uncompleted tasks.

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